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The Chandhok Charitable Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Vijay K. Chandhok.
The trustees are Vikram Chandhok, Rob Chandhok, and Lynn Chandhok.
The Trust makes donations to other tax-exempt charitable organizations. Our favorites are organizations for whom annual donations of $200 to $2000 will make a significant impact. We also pay particular attention to organizations in the communities where our founder and trustees live: southwestern Pennsylvania, south Louisiana, San Diego, and New York City.

Requests for donations may be mailed to the address below. Donations are typically distributed in December of each year.

(504) 310-7766
fax (504) 310-7583
E-mail: donations@chandhok.org


  1. Sara Deren says:

    Experience Camps respectfully requests a $1,000 grant to provide bereavement support to disadvantaged boys and/or girls who have experienced the loss of a parent or loved one through summer camps, year-round programs, and online resources. Experience Camps are free to all children who attend.

    Our flagship program, Manitou Experience, operates at Camp Manitou in Maine. A second camp — ManEx Cali — was launched in 2013 and operates at Camp Hess Kramer, in Malibu, California. In 2015, a third location will open at Camp Kennybrook in Monticello, NY. The Maine camp hosts about 100 campers and 60 volunteers each summer.

    Here are some key facts:
    • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 1.5 million children are living in a single-family household because of the death of one parent.
    • 1 in 9 Americans will lose a parent before they turn 20.
    • Nine out of ten children experience the death of a family member or friend by the time they complete high school.
    • 92% of young people in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs have experienced the death of someone significant.

    The death of a parent, sibling or loved one is a lifelong loss for children. Grieving children feel less alone when they are with other children who have also experienced the death of someone close. When grieving children have the opportunity to connect with one another, they feel less alone. It is also important for children to have adults in their lives who provide a safe environment while allowing children the freedom to express their grief.

    There are a number of credible research studies that confirm what we know to be true: that children and teens participating in peer support groups demonstrate a decreased sense of isolation, improved communication with surviving family and friends, and a greater ability to focus in school.

    We evaluate the impact of Experience Camps on two factors: the positive behavioral changes we can see for ourselves; and specific feedback provided by the children and their family members in surveys conducted at the conclusion of each camp.

    Experience Camps provide children who have lost a parent, sibling or loved one with a program that helps build confidence, encourage laughter and navigate their grief through friendship, teamwork, athletics, and the common bond of loss. We have put together a selection of the best activities that a summer camp has to offer. We have land sports, water sports and creative activities. We have integrated the camp program with bereavement activities and projects designed to help them express feelings, explore memories, build confidence, and find comfort in the presence of their peers.

    It is a safe environment where kids can explore their grief, break the isolation they may feel with their non-camp peers, and have a whole lot of fun. They have the opportunity to meet and connect with kids who are coping with similar challenges, while getting all of the benefits of the traditional summer camp experience. Through team sports, individual challenges and community living they learn about leadership, confidence and cooperation. Under the guidance of professional bereavement staff, campers have the opportunity to share stories and remember the one who died, while exploring skills that will help them after camp. While their days are busy with swimming, sports and art, some of the most important moments happen on their way to activities or in their bunks. These are the moments when they open up, share their stories, and embrace the uniqueness of being in a place where everyone “gets it”.

    The program is designed to maximize each camper’s time with their bunkmates to give them time to bond and build the trust that leads to open communication. Children and youth often build those bonds through sports and activities, which are a main component of the day. Campers can play their favorite games, such as basketball, soccer and baseball, as well as explore new activities, like rock climbing, waterskiing, and archery. A full day of fun and rewarding activity takes place in the beautiful outdoors, surrounded by accepting friends, supportive counselors and fresh air.

    A typical camp day begins with reveille at 7:30, followed by breakfast in the dining hall. After breakfast, the campers attend three instructional periods of their choice in a row. One of the periods each day will be an activity focused on different techniques in the bereavement toolkit, built to help the boys identify, express and understand their feelings. After lunch there is a rest period, when our clinical team quickly checks in with each bunk, and then a camp-wide activity, such as relay races or a hike up a nearby mountain. The camp comes together again during free swim, dinner, and an evening activity before retiring to their bunks.

    Experience Camps is committed to expanding its physical presence to include five camp locations by 2017 covering Maine, California, New York, and two additional locations to be determined. Given the nature of the program and the needs of our campers, we intend to keep the size of each location at no more than 100 campers. We average approximately an 85% retention rate so additional locations will allow us to provide bereavement services to a greater number of boys and girls.

    Year-round programs, including partnerships with bereavement centers in each camp region, mentorship programs for older campers and buddy programs for younger campers are being paved to ensure continuity from the camp experience.

    Experience Camps is also committed to strengthening their online presence and support through The Shared Grief Project (www.thesharedgriefproject.org). The portal features an online video library of interviews with inspiring personalities with similar experiences.

    Experience Camps are led and advised by a dedicated team of professionals in camping, education, social work, finance, and other relevant disciplines. The key ingredient that is woven through our management team and board of directors is the passion each one has for summer camp and the life-altering experience it can provide.

    The all-volunteer staff is a combination of seasoned camp professionals, licensed social workers, doctors, nurses, certified life guards, high school guidance counselors, teachers, coaches, college athletes, and many others who have a passion for camp and a desire to provide an amazing experience for our campers. All of our counselors participate in a grief training program led by our licensed clinical social workers who specialize in grief work. A number of our volunteers have also experienced the loss of a parent or sibling personally and wish to share their journeys with our campers.

  2. Can we ask for help for the low-income seniors, here in the I.E. and North San Diego count. If so I emailed a Letter with the attachments. Thank you and God Bless for what you do. E. Andrew

  3. Arya Steve says:

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